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You’ve been really helpful.

Anyway it goes without saying that you are obviously great at what you do and that you go over and beyond to help us thanks again.

Yonike & Kallai

I watched the Masterclass DVD, it was a very good reinforcement tool, great value for money and a must have resource for anyone entering the world of Social Enterprise. I enjoyed the holistic approach which gave balance to the whole journey. Shola, Southwark

Thank you for the support andencouragement you have provided to our year 11 student, he had a long standing history of non-attendanceand troubled social skills. Yet when asked how things were going his answer was “Perfect”. He is clearly getting a lot educationally, socially and emotionally from his attendance. Selsdon High School, Croydon

ACE Academy made a notable difference to my son, he is happier and now more settled. The staff worked to locate a foster placement. He is currently at college, studying media, I feel very postive about his future. I am grateful for the work the staff have done. Mother of a student

I have found the AVID Programme very informative and practical. It was presented in a simple and fun environment though delivered with a high level of professionalism.
I enjoyed the down to earth way this was conveyed, real life and personal examples of the trainers created an atmosphere of trust, credibility and originality. I also had the benefit of taking this experience home with the videos which has allowed for reinforced learning and an opportunity to go over bits missed during the programme.
The course created a forum for meeting like minded people which enabled sharing from different perspectives and building professional relationships. The group dynamics enabled everybody to grow at their own pace without feeling intimidated or left out.

Omosola Fiberesima

Since our partnership the number of exclusions have decreased and we have not permanently excluded a single pupil in the last academic year. Last year we got the best GCSE results the school has ever achieved (84% 5 A* – C in all subjects) which is due in part to the contribution that PJ’s have made. We have found that in general pupils who have been to PJ’s generally return to schoolwith a more positive and mature approach to their studies. Thomas More Catholic School, Croydon

A very good standard of service, has greatly helped my grandmother. Mrs Patel, Croydon

During my work experience I learnt that time keeping was very important not only when going to school but also in a working environment. I also learnt about the importance of giving. Working at PJ’s Community Services it helped me to realise that even giving the tiniest thing back to a person or even a community can have a huge impact on them in the long run. Savannah, 15 years old

Very Pleasant experience. Office staff are very friendly. I am grateful and fortunate for the help of PJ’s Mrs Collard, Lewisham

“Since attending PJ’s I feel different about myself and want to achieve more. I feel more encouraged to go back to school and finish my education.” Jordan 16 years old

“I started off as a volunteer at PJ’s and went to be a paid employee. I believe PJ’s has added value to me through the different training and development programs. I enjoy being a part of the PJ’s team.” Chenita Dawes - Employee

Claudine’s Social Enterprise Master Class was one not to be missed. Professional, relevant and motivating. It helped me with having a clearer view on how ideas or hobbies can become real sources of income. The additional workbook handouts and DVD’s, certainly have me equipped for entrepreneurial elevation! Martin Stevens

“Having been made redundant and with a 6 months old baby at that time, I decided to offer my skills to organizations as a freelancer/self-employed – although this was a very new route for me. Working with PJ’s have immensely benefited me in many ways. I’ve gained business acumen from ‘shadowing’ which had given me confidence in the following areas: communicating at all levels especially with young people, interpersonal skills, leadership skills, entrepreneurial abilities, business start-up skills, training and personal development skills and being made aware of some dormant skills I possess. I had been given the opportunity to successfully manage various projects and to do what I love doing best. The last 5 years had been an exciting and interesting journey and I look forward to continuing our working together in the coming years.” Janet Amoako

Lets work together, Get in contact

We are always ready to work with new people everyday,  we make sure we only provide the best service for our partners and clients.

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