Hassnat Sikander

Admin Assistant

Personal Experience

I am an admin assistant working directly under the manager of PJs Community Services helping assist with any urgent tasks that need completing, I also help support our Quality Assurance & Monitoring Deputy Safeguarding Officer for Vulnerable Adults with organizing client’s folders and liaising with homecare clients. I am responsible for the general administrative tasks that need to be completed in the office.


Apart from my part time job at PJs community services, I am a performance artist, I make work as a form of activism specifically raising awareness about issues such as domestic abuse, forced marriage, cultural enforcements and dismissiveness of mental health within my community. I don’t see art as a hobby however, it does take much of my time and I enjoy making spoken word/ sound art and helping others find their voice along the way. Other than my art career I enjoy reading in my spare time, I generally read thought provoking books of many different genres.