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Young People

Maintaining from 1992-2008


Who does this project programme target affect?

Young people aged 11-16 and those who are excluded or at a risk of exclusion.

When did this take place?


Why was there a need (problem?)

Children in Croydon are being permanently excluded from secondary schools at the highest rate in outer London, new figures reveal.

Dozens of pupils were expelled from their school last year, while thousands were also suspended for wrong doings including assaults on staff, racism and sexual misconduct.

The Department for Education statistics sparked concern among teachers and councillors, while a teaching union suggested some pupils were expelled for “minor offences”.

A total of 59 students were permanently kicked out from Croydon secondary schools during the 2011-12 academic years, equivalent to 0.27% of the school population.

Nineteen of those were for persistent disruptive behaviour and 18 were for assaulting other pupils – the two most common reasons for expulsion.

The figures show an increase on the previous year, when 48 youngsters were permanently excluded in Croydon – 0.23% of all secondary school pupils

(Croydon Guardian, Wednesday 31st July 2013)

What was the rational for the methodology (solution?)

Josh McDowell quoted ‘Rules without relationships lead to rebellion’, it’s with this in mind that PJ’s over an x year period worked with young people to establish a relationship that would foster mentorship, guidance and a safe haven.

PJ’s connected with a range of industry experts including music producers, children’s day nursery manager, mechanics, in order to offer vital work experiences and develop transferable skills in a non-classroom based environment.

This programme was also extended to support the parents and guardians of the same client group.

Where did this take place?

South London

What was the impact of this programme?

Over an x year period young people were able to reintegrate back into the main stream education system or go into full or part time employment. Another young person achieved GCSE maths; an excellent achievement when we consider his school was not going to enter him for the exam.


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