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We’re often at times pre-occupied with thoughts about the people that inspire us, people that have stepped outside of the ordinary, who are already living the dreams that we hope to someday fulfil, sports personalities, actors and actresses, businessmen or women; but do you believe, I mean really believe in your dream or idea? Is this more than just grandiose thinking, and thoughts of possibilities that sound great and exciting, but may never materialise in your life-time? Can your dreams or business ideas really come true? Most of us want our dreams to become an instant reality; but do we ever stop to examine the journey that is required for that process to take place?


The overnight success story is a far cry from reality for anyone that doesn’t want to cut corners, and wants to hold on to their integrity. For any venture that is of any worth, it takes time for things to mature, and your motivation for pursuing your dream or turning your idea into a business needs to be deeper than you just wanting to make money, as most credible businesses take a while to make a reasonable turnover.


Your dream if heartfelt, will normally come with a burning passion that serves to motivate you to fulfil it, but then after the initial excitement of the prospect of running a new business venture comes the research and planning stage, finances, stepping out and then putting in the work, work and darn hard work!


Have you ever thought of a viewing your business as a means of self-expression, an opportunity to express what you love; what you’re good at. When your business is something that you enjoy doing, it’s more likely to blossom. Stephen Schutz of Blue Mountain Arts (they create the most amazingly beautiful cards), summed it up perfectly: “We’re not creating a product to sell,” Steve said. “We’re creating something we love” – Blue Mountain Arts. Stephen had a love of art, and his wife Susan loved to write poetry; their business started out with them experimenting with printing Susan’s poems, surrounded by Stephen’s art, on posters that they silk-screened in their basement.


Everybody has a chance and an opportunity to live their dreams, but until you’re in that place that you are willing to do what you do regardless of the reward, you’re not truly ready to own your own business. The journey to dreamland is not always going to be comfortable or plain sailing, and many give up along the way perhaps because their dream isn’t heartfelt, and they are not ready to pay the price to persevere; or they turn back at the slightest inclination of a challenge. The reality is that in venturing out into new territory, there may be failure, disappointment; and you may even feel like giving up many times, but that isn’t the time to quit; if you believe your idea or business is something really worth fighting for.


If from time to time your dream, idea or business venture scares you, and makes you question whether you were crazy to have ever contemplated the thought, it’s alright; it sounds like you may well be headed in just the right direction!



Margaret Baderin is a writer, blogger, gifted Poet, singer, and mother to two wonderful children; with a background of lead singing in choirs, song writing, Music Tutoring, and running music workshops for young people. She is presently working on a number of book projects, and is a guest blogger for Claudine Reid MBE. You’ll find her at  OverJoy1
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