Founders Story

Who Are We

PJs community Services has become an organization with directors who have advised councils & banks, mentored entrepreneurs & young people and have also made history by owning the only black owned community centre in the UK.

Having access to stories and advice from such successful people gives everyone a sense of hope, motivation, and inspiration.

Part one of this 4 part series is all about how the initial idea was birthed and bought into fruition.

Founded in 1992,the initial concept of PJs was birthed from Patrick Reid’s mother. She was diagnosed with arthritis in her knees so he decided to do her shopping for her. This is where the initial concept of PJs came from.

Patrick was with his friends and he told them that he had an idea to do shopping for people. His friends laughed and thought it was a silly idea. Patrick continued to do research the concept of home shopping and found a company that was doing something similar. This company was doing home delivery shopping for free and made a profit of marking up the price of the food.  When Patrick discovered that they were offering the services for he decided to put the idea on hold.

One of Patrick’s friends that was in the room when he first spoke on his idea became redundant from his job and he had asked Patrick what had happened to his idea. He then realised that he hadn’t seen the delivery company in a while and asked his friend to see if the company is still running, and if they are still around they should forget the idea. His friend said no, “we should still do it”.

The Realisation

Patrick tried to phone their business number but the line had been disconnected. He looked through a directory and found the address they operated from. On their lunch breaks they went to visit the unit but the delivery company weren’t anywhere in sight. The unit next door to where they operated had told him that they shut down, all they knew was that when the insurance company came to reposes all the cars (as they all had BMWs) the finance people came and took them away and that’s when they realized they were going down. So he asked “what happened? What went wrong?” and they said “you know what went wrong, they went bust and started losing money when they started to sell fresh produce”. It has a shelf life so if you don’t sell them in time, you’ve got to throw them away and that tweaked something in his brain. They can learn from this. They aren’t going to sell their own products, they will shop from the super markets that are out there and just delivery it. They are not going to keep food because that’s how the first delivery company went bust and that was the kick that they wanted to start in essence.


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