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about PJ's


PJ’s Community Services is a multi award winning Social Enterprise, established in 1992 with a focus on Community transformation.  PJ’s delivers its mission by providing:

  •  Care and support to Vulnerable Adults and Children’s Residential Homes
  • Semi-Independent Homes
  • Education & Support to young people that are at risk of exclusion the support is also
    extended to their families
  • Social Enterprise Support  to organisations, groups and individuals Leadership
  • Personal development  workshops

The organisation employs 80 staff and offers a range of innovative and transformational services to BAME communities, Young People, Women, Men and Faith Communities.


Years of Experience


employed since 1992


stories of transformation


current employees

Serving the Community

Partnering & Collaborating with Community Organisations to build capacity and enhance transformation

Care in the Community

With over 25 years of experience our team are committed to delivering first class care. Staff are trained in key areas of care delivery and have a wealth of experience in social care settings including children and families, residential youth, semi-independent, mental health and vulnerable adults.

Training & Development

Specialist consultants in the Social Enterprise sector providing bespoke training workshops designed to support individuals and groups in the area of Leadership & Social Enterprise Development.

our mission

To serve the changing needs of society

The mission of PJs Community Services is to serve the changing needs of society using the vehicles of Care, Education & Enterprise Support.

PJs Community Service is a family run Social Enterprise headed by husband and wife team Patrick Reid and Claudine Reid MBE.

Their vision for community transformation is built around holistic well-being and personal, professional and enterprise development. PJs Community Services prides itself in engaging at every level of society in order to add value to under-represented communities.


Award winning Social Enterprise

Partnering With

Need any help? Call us 020 8253 1275

Here to serve you in the community.

who we are

Meet Our Senior Team

We specialise in providing support for the vulnerable and the needy in the community


What People Say

Frequently Asked Questions

Please have a look at our frequently asked questions as you may find a answer to a inquire.  Alternatively you can contact our team who are happy to help with any questions you may have.

How long have you been running?

PJs community Service started in 1992

What do you do?

Our services can be broken down into key areas:

  • Personal Care & Domestic Care to vulnerable adults 24 hours per day
  • Semi-independent & Support staff to vulnerable children
  • Workshop sessions to school, colleges, universities, hospitals and education and empowerment sessions for young people
  • Enterprise Support & Mentoring Programs

What is a Social Enterprise?

According to Social Enterprise UK: A Social Enterprise is a business that trades for a social and/or environmental purpose. It will have a clear sense of its ‘social mission’: which means it will know what difference it is trying to make, who it aims to help, and how it plans to do it.  It will bring in most or all of its income through selling goods or services. It will also have clear rules about what it does with its profits, reinvesting these to further the ‘social mission’.

Where do you work ?

Our services are delivered across the United Kingdom and more recently internationally

What does PJs stand for ?

PJs is the initials of the founding directors

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